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City of Love, Paris France

One of the most visited city in the world is Paris and I am thankful that it´s my first travel destination. It sounds weird because I am from Philippines and moved in BarcelonaSpain. You might think that it´s not my first travel destination, but Philippines and Spain are already my home.

From my city, Barcelona, there are a lot of ways to go in Paris because we are just neighbours. You can just take your cars. There is also a train that goes directly in France. You can take that in Estacio de França. The fare varies depends of the day of your departure. And lastly by airplane that you can book your cheapest flight by this blog.

Paris is everyone´s dream destination. And I feel honoured that it is my first travel destination. But it is indeed best for couples. So book your flights already with your loved ones.

Air France

Me and my friends travelled in Paris last 18th of November 2016. We booked it 1 month before our flight directly from Air France. Plane ticket cost us 75€ and additional 15€ for our 32kg check-in baggages. For our hand luggage, we had 12kg allowance.

The price of our flights depends on the day of your departure. Let me help you book your cheapest flight through this blog.

Now, for our accommodation we chose an apartment for we were 6 persons and we wanted to save. We booked an apartment from Airbnb for 4days and 3nights that cost us 75€ each for the whole stay. We can say that the apartment is too far away from the pictures but the location is great for it´s near to subway and some tourist spots. (I didn't have any picture of the apartment for it´s not instagrammable)

But there are ways to get a great accommodation with cheap price. Here is my blog about things to look for while searching for a great accommodation.

Just like any other places, you have a lot of choices for the transportation. From the airport, we took a taxi going to our apartment that cost us 80€ for all of us and our luggage's (yes, there is an additional fee for every luggage). And for our daily transport, we took the metro and just bought a 10rides ticket that cost 14,10€ good for 3zones.

The price for their subway ticket depends on the zones. Zone 1 is most likely the centre of the city.  Price goes up for other zones. There is an office in the subway where you can ask how the zones work and what is the best type of ticket to get. And just for additional information, machines in subway don´t take 50euro. So better bring the exact amount or smaller bills.

I can say that subway in Paris is one of the busiest subway and the most difficult to understand. So always be careful with your things and plan your trips ahead of time! 

Places to Visit in Paris

While traveling, you should do some research on  where to go. It depends on how many days you are going to stay on that place and also depends on your preferences.
Eiffel Tower 
Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous tourist spot in the world. It was build on January 28, 1887 and named under Gustave Eiffel. They light it on every night. 

Going down the Sacré-Coeur you will encounter a big and long street where you can buy souvenirs and foods. We tried the famous crepes in just the corner and I can say Paris truly has the best crepes!

Moulin Rouge

Arc de Triomphe

Notre-Dame de Paris

La Louvre


Christmas Markets

What to expect in Paris   
Let me be honest with you guys. I know Paris is your ¨dream destination¨ since you´re a child and still now. But let me tell you honestly what to expect or my review about Paris. 

First, the Eiffel Tower. It looks really great with the lights on it. I can´t say anything bad about it. It´s indeed romantic! But before or after that ¨light¨, it´s just a normal tower. 

And their transportation, trust me, it´s the busiest transportation in Europe (I´d been in 3 countries in Europe so trust me). 

I know Paris preserves their city but they are not clean. I know it´s the government´s fault. I just hope they can fix it and the illegal immigrants as well. 

But one thing is good in Paris and that´s their tourist attractions. It is indeed great and you won´t see that in other countries. My favorites are Eiffel Tower at night and La Louvre. I hope you can come and visit this city.


Let me share you some videos that my friends did for our Paris trip :

More pictures of my Paris trip

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