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Christmas Markets in Barcelona | Fira de Santa Llucia

Christmas Markets are famous every Christmas season. You will be able to see there a lot of stuff that are related to Christmas such as Christmas tree, Christmas decors, stuff that are related to Christmas beliefs of a certain place. Aside from that, there are a lot of countries that are doing this such as France, Amsterdam, Germany, Philippines, etc. This is an annual event that every places or countries are competing on.

Christmas is a season to gather with your loved ones; family, friends, workmates, etc. And Christmas Markets give its contribution to the season. But let us not forget the real reason for Christmas, the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ.


Here in Barcelona, we also have Christmas Markets and they are located in front of the famous Cathedral of Barcelona in Barrio Gothic. It is an advantage if you are planning your vacation here because it is near to Las Ramblas. You can go there without travelling too long.

And for those who already live in Barcelona, you should take time to go there. It will give you a Christmas vibes, relieve your stress as well and have time for yourself or with you family and friends.

They have a lot to offer so without further ado, I will tell you the things that you can see and buy inside the Christmas Markets in Barcelona.

1. Nativity Scenes and figurines

The birth of Jesus Christ is the reason for Christmas and we all should celebrate it. In Christmas Markets, you will find a lot of manger that represents the place of His birth. There are also Nativity scene with figurines or just the figurines alone. We usually see Nativity Scene in churches, buildings. But now, you can have your own Nativity Scene with different sizes that is enough for your home.
2. Christmas Trees

  Inside the Christmas Markets, you will be able to see and buy your own Christmas Tree. And take note, they are real! They have a variety of heights to offer. 

As we all know, you cannot grow a real Christmas tree or evergreen fir tree just anywhere. There are specific cities or countries that has the best weather and land for these kind of trees. And if you want to have such Christmas vibe using a real Christmas tree, it is your chance. 

3. The Caga Tio

  The Caga Tio is a character in Catalan mythology relating to a Christmas tradition wide spread in Catalonia. It is being used during Christmas eve. It is a trunk from a tree to which children must spank in order to provide them with gifts that they will get from the back of the trunk. It is a good feeling of having different traditions from different countries.

4. Caganer

  Another thing that is inspired by Caga Tio are these small mannequins or Caganer that are pooping. You will see all the characters from President of US, heroes, cartoon characters, famous actors, football players, etc. If you are a fan, it is a good thing to collect this.

5. Santa Clause

Even we live in Spain, Santa Clause is still famous to people of all ages. So you will surely see different kinds and sizes of Santa Clause in Christmas Market in Barcelona.
6. Christmas Decorations

  If you are not fun of Christmas trees, Caga Tio, Nativity Scene. You can still have these Christmas house decoration. They are small that you can just hang on your doors, walls, or put above the table. By this, there will still Christmas vibes inside your house. 

  Christmas is the best season to spend time with your family, relatives and friends. But let us all be thankful for its reason, the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ. Let´s have time to pray, ask for forgiveness and change for the better. Let´s have spiritual encounter with God. 

I wish you a Merry Christmas and God bless you!


Special thanks to Mary Rose for spending time with me and for taking my photos
Check out Darlene´s vlog featuring Christmas Markets in Barcelona  

Camera used: iPhone XS Max
Filter: VSCO AL3

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
John 3:16 

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