Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Glasslight Studio Barcelona

Nowadays, time flies so fast we do not notice that a lot of things have already changed. And one day, you will get surprised by how time flies and the only things that remain are photos and videos to remind you of the most important episodes in your life.

Many will say that remaniscing the memories are the best but we cannot deny that time will come when we cannot remember the things that happened years ago. And I know, many of us relies on Social Media platforms where they post some of the pictures. The world is rapid growing that we are not sure till when we can have these Social Media platforms just like what happened to Friendster. 

The Glasslight Barcelona is a new fast growing company of photographers who are willing to snap the most beautiful memories of your life events. It was founded by one of the veteran photographer and Filmmaker Mr. RJ Placino who was known since 2009. And the creative and passionable Photographer, Emsi Calderon, and Videographer, Edward Generoso. It was founded this year, 2020.

Outdoor Shoot
An opportunity to show the beauty of your favorite and significant places. And even making a simple place to look more extravagant. It is a combianation of creative photography with skilled and passionable artists. 

Indoor Shoot
Get a chance to experience their new Indoor Studio located in Ronda Universidad in Barcelona Spain. It is a great choice for people who are shy in posing in public places as well as those people who would like to experience a professonal-like shoot just like how famous personalities are doing.

Grab The Chance To Capture Your Life Events
Now, I show state some of the most important events in our life where we can have Glasslight Studio Barcelona to capture it and its importance.

New Born Shoot
Parents are ndeed excited for their new born baby; from planning to have it, during the 9 months of waiting, and finally, to have it in their arms. It is a chance to embrace the moment of receiving the blessing that they have been praying for.

Baptism / Dedication
Having such a blessing, giving thanks to God and dedicating it to Him is one of the greatest feeling. It is one of the steps in building a God-fearing person in them. And capturing this event is a big yes.

Every lady, it is one of the most awaiting part in our life. To finally embrace the legal age and as parents, it is heart warming for them to finally see their baby as a lady. 

In life, there are big events that we wanted to be captured and one of them is Birthday. It can be ¨First Birthday¨, ¨Seventh Birthday¨, and even ¨Sixtieth Birthday¨. The meaning of it is being thankful for another year of your life. 

Another most important event in our life is wedding. It is when two persons unite. And not just them, but as well as their family, friends and love ones. 

Other Life Events
You can directly contact Glasslight Barcelona and suggest the shoot that you would like to have. It can be just a simple get together with your whole family or even a self loved shoot. Remember, it is your life & it is your choice so make the most out of it!

For further bookings, you can contact Glasslight Studio Barcelona:

Staff details:
Photographer & Filmmaker: RJ Placino
Videographer: L Edward Generoso
Photographer: Emsi Calderon
Marketing/Bookings: Mowie Juacalla

Special thanks to Emsi Calderon. It is an honor to work and collaborate with passionate and hard working like you! God Bless You!

¨The memory of the righteous is a blessing, but the name of the wicked will rot.¨
Proverbs 10:7 


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