Saturday, 18 April 2020

30-Day Blog Challenge: My Dream Job

When  I was younger, I remember of having a lot of dream jobs. It like, every year I have a new one. Maybe that is because I was too young and I was descovering myself as well. 

I was at Grade II back then when I started to have my own dreams. I really wanted to be a professional teacher because I remember that my mom´s dream was to be a teacher. But back then, life was taugh and she was not able to achieve her dream. Of course, as a child, I wanted to make her happy and proud. 

Just like any other little girl, I was so girly. My family was even planning for me to join Little Miss Philippines in Eat Bulaga, a TV Show in the Philippines. But Question and Answer was really my weakness because I did not leason to them and push my thoughts on the matter. But what I really wanted to do was modelling, cat walk and to project in front of people and camera. 

When I was in Grade IV, I changed a lot. From being a proffesional teacher to a model. By then, what I wanted was to earn a lot of money. Yes money, that was my reference on what job I would like to do. So I decided to be an accountant. I wanted to work in a bank because that is wher most of the money are. As of writing right now, I am lauging at myself because of these reasons. And I thought they will pay you higher because they have a lot of money. 

But when I was in Grade VI, I finally had this dream that I hold until college. To be a Flight Attendant. I really wanted to have a ¨good looking¨ job. Where you have to work, to be pretty and to project. I wanted to travel the world as well. After first year high school, I experience riding an airplane. Actually, riding any form of transportation is my weakness because I got dizzy. But that did not happen when I am riding an airplane. 

To be honest, I was not able to finish my studies. But the most amazing part is, God has the best plans for me. Now, I experience all those dreams that I had since I was a kid. From a teacher, to a model, to a flight attendant. 

Since High School, I experience having a photoshoots with different photographers. Even until now, I receive some offers. Even they will not pay me, the experience I have with them is so priceless. I am able to project in front of the camera just like my dream.

 Now, I am working as a Reception Manager in a Hotel here in Barcelona. I have to experience a lot of things. Whenever we have new employees, I have to teach them everything. And as a recepcion manager, it is also my job to do accounting. 

I am also blessed to travel from time to time. From Asia to Europe. 

So wherever you are right now. Trust the plans of the Lord for you. You may be in a spot or place where you never thought of before, but trust me, every day you will know and learn why God put you on that situation.

This post is inspired by Ms. Cha Esper of Littlemisadvencha. Check out her blog!

And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.
Matthew 21:22

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