Saturday, 4 April 2020

30-Day Blog Challenge: Story Behind My Blog Name

To all those people who have been supporting me with my blog, they know that my first blog was named ¨Dreams on Fleek¨. It was a random name back then. It was a blog about travel, accommodation and food. Then after a year, I decided to finally make a seperate blog about Beauty. It was a dream come true because it was really my passion, make ups. It feels good every time I share my knowledge and tips to my readers. 

But sad thing came up when I lost the monetization of those blogs last year. I felt so sad and decided to stop blogging. I felt so exhausted as well because I had to write with different blogs. And not just writing, but making a way so it can have traffic. Even I was earning good from those blogs, I felt tired and stopped for awhile.

Then finally, I got motivated again and decided to make one blog for different topics like travel, accomodation, restaurants, beauty, faith, etc.. It is basically a compilation of everything that I used to write.

I also decided to use my real name because this blog, finally, is about myself and things that I like. By this, I can express more about myself that I was not able to do with my previous blogs because the genre of my previous blogs were so espicific. Unlike on this blog, it is all about myself and I can write what ever I want. 

In reading the name of my blog, my readers can easily think that this blog is about the writer itself, me. And in making a blog, it is also a good point that you have an infinite number of topics that you can write. By this, it gives you reasons to write more and be more expressive in everything that you write. 

Blog name is so important because it is a summary of all the articles that you wrote and will write. It is a welcome name for your readers and one way to introduce your blog. So better to think good about it. Take your time in deciding your blog name. 

During this quarantine, it makes us realize to have an emergency fund next time. As well, it makes us think about things we can do to earn money. People will eventually search about it online. So readers, you can start your blog now and start earning! Let´s be all productive.

This post is inspired by Ms. Cha Esper of Littlemisadvencha. Check out her blog!

A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold.

Proverbs 22:1

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