Monday, 20 April 2020

Trust in The Lord with All Your Heart

During this pandemic, people are worried and unsure of their own lives. Many people lost their lives, lost their family member, lost their job. There is a chaos. We cannot do something physically. But all that we can do is to trust God with all our hearts. 

I am currently living in Barcelona Spain. I work as Reception Manager in a Hotel. Spain is still in Lockdown because of Covid-19 pandemic. 

Last April 18,2020, my boss told me that he wanted to talk to me so I should call him before I leave. So then, I was thinking what should it be about? But I have a lot of thoughts in my mind by that time. 

So when we talked, he told me that he is planning to close the hotel untill the end of 2020. He is not planning to take a risk specially for his workers and because he is old as well. It is hard for him to get any virus and get sick. So he told me that he had to finish my contract and I can only work until the end of the month. 

After that, I just cleaned my things and prepare to leave the work. I was not nervous or something. I was relaxed and told to myself, ¨it is ok, for sure God has bigger plans for me. I know He will provide all my needs. I know He is a sovereign God¨. 

Then I finished work and get my bag and jacket. That was less than 3 minutes when he left then my boss went back and told me to forget what we talked about. Because there was a news that it is not possible to finish anyone´s contract during this pandemic until 6 months. 

By that moment, I realized and God told me. When we say ¨we don´t worry and we trust God¨, speaking about it is not enough. We should say it, think about it and feel it. Because sometimes we say that we won´t worry but we think a lot on what we can do. Because of that ¨unsureness¨ that we have inside, it burden God´s work in us. 

So next time, when we say we trust God, we should trust Him wholeheartedly. Trust Him with our mind and emotions as well. 

Thanks be to God because He is a faithful God. He knows all His promises to us and He is always there for us.

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Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you. 
1 Peter 5:7

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