Shipping Fee and Delivery Period

After the confirmation of your order, it may take 5-7 days to finish your products. 

Orders from the center of Barcelona is open for meet ups and pick ups. Message me on Instagram, @marikitcrafts, for more info. 

Shipping fee may vary depend on the amount of orders


Price: 1,45€ (max 50 grams) 

           1,95€ (max 100 grams)

           3,25€ (max 500 grams)

Delivery period: 3 working days

Europe: 2,50€ (max 50 grams)

              3,25€ (max 100 grams)

              7,50€ (max 500grams)

Delivery period: 8-10 business days

Non-EU: 2,75€ (max 50 grams)

                4,20€ (max 100 grams)

                11,25€ (max 500 grams)

Delivery period: 15-20 business days

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