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Friday, 28 February 2020

My Experience with Cebu Pacific | Airline Review

Cebu Pacific is a known airline in the Philippines. They started at the year 1988 and has a total of 63 destinations.

Traveling around the Philippines has a bad side, transportation. You can go anywhere by bus, public transportation or car, but traffic always makes it worst. So thanks to our airlines who are ready to offer air transportation.

On December 2018 I had a flight with Cebu Pacific from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Godofredo E. Ramos in Caticlan. It was not my first time flying with Cebu Pacific but I will give you my thoughts regarding our flight.

Our flight got delayed almost an hour and their stuff kept on informing us about the status. But good to say, we still arrived the same time that we had on our boarding passes. I am not sure if in the estimated time travel, they already assume that there was going to have a delay or their plane is just fast.

Plane Size

If you ever travelled around Europe, you know how small their planes here. I had travelled with the most used airlines in Europe like Vueling, Ryanair, and I can say, Cebu Pacific offers a bigger plane! Knowing that Cebu Pacific is nothing to compare with bigger airlines but their plane size is almost the same size of Singapore airline but of course, without monitors in front of their seats.


Paying a plane ticket to its cheapest price will not give you any expectations. But entering the Cebu Pacific Airplane, gives you that clean at classy vibes. You know that feeling, ¨I paid for this¨, that is what it gives you. Maybe these are because of its interior design and lighting. But this is based on my opinion. I just experienced worst airlines and it gives me pride that Cebu Pacific can give something like this to its customers.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Cebu Pacific has one of the most comfortable seats ever. I know they do not have the best seats but compared to where I sat in Ethihad airlines (which you can read my review here) Cebu Pacific seats are better.

Overhead Bin

Coming from a trip makes your luggage bigger because of pasalubong but you still want you luggage to be at its best place. You do not want you luggage to get squashed inside the overhead bin. Specially if you paid €€€ for your luggage.

Have you ever experience getting in a smaller plane because of airline´s error and it makes you irritated because you know their overhead bin are smalls and giving the fact that these airlines are well known around the world.

But dear, Cebu Pacific´s overhead bin makes you feel sure and safe for your luggage. They are not too small but it gives space to every luggage.


Salute to all Cebu Pacific Crews! They are truly nice and welcoming. They are willing to help you with a smile which I really missed when I travel with international airlines. They just prove themselves as Filipinos. #hospitality


My flight just took over an hour so we did not order any food but still, they offer variety of snacks, meals and drinks. Check out their brochure!

In front of their seats, they have some magazines to read. But what I like the most, every before the landing they have this mini game. They will ask you some question and you just need to raise your hand to answer. If they choose you and you got the right answer, they will give you a souvenir from the airline. It gave me an excitement of hearing the question and raising the hand as fast as possible. It was just full of entertainment.

So, here is my short review and sharing my experience with Cebu Pacific, I hope you got some ideas and thoughts about my Cebu Pacific and a little bit of comparison with other small international airlines. Do not forget to book your next trip with Cebu Pacific, tangkilikin ang sariling atin.

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Saturday, 16 November 2019

First Time Experience with Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world. They are line of the airlines from United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways commenced their operation in 2003 and finally able to fly in Barcelona starting 2018. 

Last December 2018, we planned to spend our yearly vacation in the Philippines. So from Barcelona Spain, we booked a flight going to the Philippines through Etihad Airways. They are the only airline who was offering a promo for the dates that we needed.


Just like any other airlines, they are there to help you throughout the whole flight for all your needs. Being in Hospitality Industry, we expect them to be nice and bringing smile most of the time. But is just a sad thing that I did not see any smile from them during our flight. The first and last smile was when we were leaving the plane.

As part of hospitality industry, smile is one of the most important thing to offer. It makes the clients feel warmed and at home so it is really a big thing for me for I travel with them almost a whole day.


During our flights, especially for those long flights, we are always looking for something that will intertain us. But one of the first thing I noticed when I sat, is the monitor. That type of monitor is what I had during my first flight with Singapore Airline way back 2009. That is more or less, 10 years ago.  I just hope, they upgrade their facilities as they go wider the globe.

Another thing I noticed was the space on our sits. It is indeed smaller than Singapore Airlines and Qatar Airways that will make you feel uncomfortable during the whole flight. You won't be able to stretch your legs and feet.
I was really dissapointed because our seat was really uncomfortable. I travelled with my mother and my brother, but my brother´s seat was away from us. And during our last flight, we seated on the last seats in the plane. But maybe, the problem was with the agency where we booked our flights. So it is really important to book your flight with a good reference travel agencies.
                        Overhead Bin

During our flight from Barcelona to Abu Dhabi, we did not have any problem. But from Abu Dhabi to Philippines, we had.Due to old aircraft that they have, we had to put our luggages in check in. Bad thing because of issues in Philippine Airport. The fact that we prepared those luggages as our hand carry but they had to get it due to small airplane. I hope they upgrade their planes to be able to access the needs and wants of new generation.
Etihad Airways offers you a variety of movies and series to watch from different countries specially in Asia. They also offer games for us to get entertained. 
In front of our seats are magazines to read and the menu that they offer during the flight. As well as the safety guide during emergency situation that we should always check out to remind ourselves. 


Etihad Airways offers variety of food, from meat to chicken. But of course, Etihad Airways is an airline from United Arab Emirates, so they have a middle eastern type of food to offer and if you are fan of it, good for you. But if not, sorry. And it is a bad thing for me because I did not like it that much. I am not really familiar with curry. Food is really depends on your appetite and preferability. 

If you finished to read this whole article, I know that you noticed that I did not like anything from this airline. I know I paid for a promo ticket but still, I paid a quiet amount of money, and I did not receive the service and comfort that I was expecting and needing. For now, I am sure I will not fly with this airline anymore unless they change their service and facility.

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