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Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Luxembourg Travel Guide

Luxembourg is known as The Green Heart of Europe because of its rolling hills covered in verdant forest and its valley patterned by farmland. They preserve the beauty of nature by different ways such as efficient recycling programs and sort of different materials into their respective boxes, etc.

Luxembourg is one of the best choices for short vacations. It is just a small country where most of their tourist destinations are located near to one another.

The Luxembourg Card
This time, I am going to tell you about something that people will not tell you about or you will not be able to read on the internet or other blogs. This is the Luxembourg Card and here is how it works.

It is indeed an ideal tool to discover Luxembourg. For 1, 2 or 3 days, you can already enjoy the free access to more than 60 museums and tourist attractions in all the areas of of the entire country of Luxembourg. This is just one of many advantages of this Luxembourg card, especially all public transport is free! Benefits:

  •      free access to more than 60 museums and tourist attractions
  •      visitor's booklet identifying the most attractive sites to visit
  •      train and buses on the national public transport network of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg can be used free of charge in the 2nd class
  •      exclusive discounts of up to 30%
  •      free access to more than 60 attractions

  • 1 day / 1 person = 13,00
  • 2 days / 1 person = 20,00
  • 3 days / 1 person = 28,00
  • 1 day/ 2-5 persons = 28,00
  • 2 days / 2-5 persons = 48,00
  • 3 days / 2-5 persons 68,00
You can directly buy the Luxembourg card in Luxembourg Railways Stations.

Best Place to Stay in Luxembourg

I made a seperate blog about this and you can directly read it here.

Best Places to Visit in Luxembourg

1. Grand Ducal Palace

2. Statue of William II
It was sad that when we visited the Statue of William II, there was a contruction that was being held on its back side so we were not able to take a proper picture of it.

3. Luxembourg City Hall

4. Chocolate House
This one is really for millenials like us who love to take photos for instagram and facebooks. It is indeed a #instaworthy. They have variety of hot chocolate and they have different sugar percent. Their pastry and chocolates that you should not miss!

5. The Parliament

6. Gelle Fra Memorial

7. The Bock Casemates
There will be an entrance fee for this but if you get the Luxembourg card, you can enjoy the Boch Casemates for free. 

8. Chemin de La Corinche
This one is one of the most famous tourist place in Luxembourg and is indeed an #instagramworthy for all of us.

9. Statue of the Grand Duches Charlotte

10. Musee National D'histoir Et Art
There will be an entrance for this but if you get the Luxembourn card, you can come to this museum for free.

11. Notre Dame Cathedral 

12. Luxembourg Railways Stations

All these places are near to one another. So it is OK to get a hotel or any place for your accommodation outside the city center for you only need to ride few times to get in the city center then walk around.

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Saturday, 9 November 2019

Best Place to Stay in Luxembourg - Le Chatelet

One of the smallest country in Europe is Luxembourg. It is one of the bucket list and most recommendable if you are staying or traveling around Germany, Belgium and France. There are direct trains or buses from those countries that makes it easier to access and come to Luxembourg.

Every time we travel, one of the things we look for is our accommodation. I made a blog regarding things to look for while searching for a great accommodation that will surely help you 100%. You can look into that blog so next time you are going to travel, you will surely be able to get the best accommodation that is suited on your taste!

We stayed in Luxembourg for 3 days and 2 nights, good enough to be able to visit the best places in town. As what I´ve said on the first part of this blog, Luxembourg is just a small country that is suited if you are planning for a short vacation. Finally, I booked our accommodation in Le Chatelet, a 3 stars hotel.

What I noticed before booking our accommodation?
  • Flights are cheap but accommodations in Luxembourg is a bit expensive. 
  • You can find a simple apartment in the center or old part of the city that will cost you 70€ and a 3 star hotel that will cost 75€ per night
  • The prices of accommodations are depend on its area. Luxembourg is a small country, if you are willing to spend 30 to 40 minutes in the bus to get in the center of the city, you can find an accommodation for around 50€ per night
  • You should consider a lot of things before concluding where to stay
Le Chatelet review

  • Its location is in Bd de La Petrusse 2, Gare, 2320 Luxembourg, exactly 1.1km from the center. 
  • From the airport, you can ride a 20 minutes bus going there and walk less than 5 minutes. 
  • It is accessible to a lot of bus stop and Luxembourg Railway Station
  • It is 20 minutes walking from the center
  • We were 4 persons and we spent 320€ for our 2 nights stay in Le Chatelet
  • We booked a standard quadruple room
  •  So each of us paid 20€ per night
  • The price is worthy because of the location and quality of entire hotel
  • The price depends on type of room that you are going to book

  • We stayed in a standard quadruple room
  • It is on the 3rd floor of the hotel
  • You need to take a short spiral staircase before you arrive in the room. It is OK for us because we are all young but not for people aged 50 years old and up 
  • The room is literally big. I really expected it to be smaller but we had a big space
  • We had 4 single beds but I can say that two of them are double beds. Beds are best quality
  • Everything is clean, even the toilet
  • The only bad thing is the heater that you can hear the water from it and it keeps turning on and off so we felt cold on our first night. The next day they gave us a portable heater that really helped. 

  • When we booked our room, the breakfast was not included but we tried it on our first morning 
  • Their breakfast costs 12.50€ per person
  • They have a lot of variety of foods that we are all going to like
  • They have breakfast area, restaurant, fitness center, bar, parking and free wifi
  • We are all going to check first the wifi and good to say that even if we stayed on the highest part, the internet connection is still good
  • You can check here the other facilities and incluions that they have 

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