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Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Free Tour in Singapore

Last December 8, 2017, me and my mom decided to have a vacation in the Philippines. Singapore Airlines has a ticket promo that cost 590€ from Barcelona Spain to Manila Philippines. Dates got adjusted based on my availability. It was a total of 40 days in the Philippines. But while booking the ticket in Spain Travel Corporation S.A., we got an offer of Free City Tour in Singapore. It was because we had an almost 6 hours layover period in the Singapore Changi Airport.

Singapore Changi Airport is know as one of the best airport in the world. There are a lot of faculties and services inside the said airport.
They have in total of 4 Terminals.

In Terminal 1, they have Kinetic Rain, Cactus Garden, even a Swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Water Lily Garden and many more.

There are also a lot to offer in Terminal 2 such as Orchid Garden, Sunflower Garden, Enchanted Garden, Entertainment Deck and much more.

Also, in Terminal 3 they have Movie Theatre, Koi Pond, Buttefly Garden, The Slide @T3, etc.

Lastly, in Terminal 4 they have Peranakan Love Story, Steel in Bloom, Entertainment Corner, Heritage Zone, and much more.

Singapore Changi Airport is indeed one of the best! They have a lot to offer. So long time layover is not a problem anymore.

In Singapore Airlines, there are two type of tour that they offer: Heritage Tour and City Sights Tour. The agency will make you choose which one would you like to take and also it will depends on the time of your arrival and departure in Singapore.

You can also register 1 hour before the tour if your layover is 5.5 hours or more. Each tour is 2.5 hours long and conducted in English.

Eligible for the Tour

The free tour in Singapore is offered to those travellers who are transiting in Changi Airport. Take note that it is only available for those passengers who have at least 5.5hours layover or more in the said airport and less than 24 hours. You flight schedules should also be fitted in their tour timing requirements. 

Requirements for the Free Singapore Tour 

  • You should register first. Agencies can register you directly but if you do not go with any travel agency, you can register 1 hour before the tour.
  •  You also need to have your passport, boarding passes and also a visa if it is applicable to be able to register in the said tour. So better check and do some research of you are able to get out of immagration or you will be needing a visa.
  • If you have cabin baggage, you are required to leave them in Left Baggage. When you arrive in the meeting area, stuff will also assist you regarding all your concerns.
You should register 1 hour before the tour starts. It also means that you need to be in the Registration booths before 1 hour even if you already booked it online. You will be guided as a group to clear the immigrations before the tour starts.

Available seats in the bus is a first-come-first serve basis. You are only allowed to enter and exit the Singapore once during the layover period.

"For the LORD your God has blessed you in all that you have done; He has known your wanderings through this great wilderness. These forty years the LORD your God has been with you; you have not lacked a thing."
Deuteronomy 2:7

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