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Sunday, 14 June 2020

How to Make Money on TikTok

TikTok is a mobile application owned by a Chinese company names ByteDance. It is similar to the famous ¨Dubsmash¨ mobile application. But as we all know, ¨Dubsmash¨ is not existing anymore. And because of the recent quarantine, many people are turning their attention to TikTok. 

But aside from TikTok being a famous mobile application, people are bashing its users. Many might bash or said harsh words to its users but I can say that TikTok is indeed one of the mobile application that people must have. It gives a lot of intertainment. It will offer videos that you will surely like. It is not always videos of people dancing or dubsmashing but it is more than that. 

It is also a nice way for users to explore themselves. First, you might just enjoy the videos but later on, you will try to make your own videos. You will learn on things that you are good at. Maybe you don´t know yet if you are good in dancing, dubsmashing, editing videos, transitions, or even sharing the things you are good at. 

So now, I will share with you the ways you can earn from Tiktok. 

1. Tiktok to Youtube

Yes, you can create your own videos in Tiktok and upload them to your Youtube Channel. Many of TikTok users make a compilation of their dances. But it is also a good idea if you are a content creator; creating video tips about certain topics, creating shorts funny clips, etc.

And even you are not making videos, you can make a video compilation of famous musics. For example, a compilation of ¨Dream Girl¨, or compilation of famous users´ videos. 

2. Live

To be able to go live, you need to earn 1,000 followers in TikTok. If you are an active user, I can say that it is easy to earn 1,000 followers. After than, you can finally do Live videos. 

During your live videos, your followers or whoever is watching your videos can send you gifts. Gifts can be converted into diamonds. And if you already received 10000 diamons, you can already cash out and convert them into real money. 

3. Branding

If you are new in TikTok, you might hear about ¨branding¨. It is a way when TikTok, or any Tiktok Partnership, try to connect with you and will ask you to do videos for them and they will pay you. Nowadays, branding is not existing anymore. But before, during the first days of TikTok, it was really existing. 

But, I can visionalize that famous users or content creators will surely get paid in the future like how it was with branding before. If you are really famous in Tiktok, brands or companies can contact you and will ask you to make videos for their products, in exchange of money. Why? because TikTok is indeed famous nowadays. We can compare TikTok to famous social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. 

So if you are new in Tiktok, try to know your niche. Be creative with your videos. If you want to know how to get followers and views, comment after this blog so I will create more content about TikTok. 

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Romans 12:6

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